Mommy Phone Sex

By , March 3, 2016


Crawl into bed with your phone sex mommy and her boyfriend, just like “B” did this morning and enjoy an erotic adventure where absolutely anything goes!

“B” told his phone sex mommy that he was hungry this morning and he wanted to climb into bed between mommy and her boyfriend so he could suck on his big black cock, just like mommy does.  I gently stroked my son’s tiny cock and encouraged him, telling him what a good cock sucker he was as he took it deep down his throat.  He is such an obedient boy, I knew that he would swallow every drop of cum that was shot into his mouth.  I couldn’t wait to taste the cum on his lips as I gave him a long, passionate kiss.

I never know what kind of fantasy a call will want when he calls his phone sex mommy to play.  I am a no limits MILF which means that no matter what your fantasy or fetish entails, I will be happy to indulge you.  I am experienced in many different subjects and would love to make your kinky call one of the best you’ve ever had!

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Incest Phone Sex

By , February 4, 2016


Mommy Vera is ready to get her incest phone sex juices flowing with a totally kinky and taboo family fun encounter!

I’m a very naughty mommy who happens to love playing with younger men.  I guess that makes me a MILF doesn’t it?  But if those younger men happen to be my teen sons, then that makes me a truly perverted incest phone sex mommy.

Have you ever been caught sniffing your mother’s panties?  Did you ever walk in on her while she was getting dressed or bathing?  Do you masturbate thinking about your mother and how good she looks in her high heels?  Do you love the smell of her perfume as she walks into a room?

I would love to share an incest phone sex roleplay with you.  I am a no limits mommy who has a very creative imagination, a sensually seductive voice and a passion for telephone play.  Call me and let me make your fantasy feel like reality today!

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MILF Phone Sex

By , January 11, 2016


Let me tell you what this naughty phone sex MILF has been up to over the past few weeks.

I was asked to roleplay with a younger man… he wanted me to be his mommy and he wanted me to gently seduce him and make him my new lover.  Another caller asked me for a humiliation fantasy call.  He wanted me to be his wife and to show my friends just how much power I had over him.  I put him into a pair of silky panties and made him masturbate in front of me and my friends.  I had him cum into my hand and then I rubbed his own cum all all over his face and lips while me and my girlfriends laughed.

Another caller was interested in pursuing his best friend’s mother.  Being an “anything goes” phone sex MILF, I was happy to oblige him as I took on the role of the sexy cougar who just couldn’t resist the feel of a young teen cock pounding into my pussy.

Ageplay, incest, tease and denial, sissy training, etc., there are no limits when you call my mature MILF phone sex line!  Are you ready for some truly taboo fun?  Dial my number and let’s get started today.

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Mature Phone Sex

By , October 7, 2015


Whenever “K” calls me, I know that he’s in need of a verbal humiliation from his mature phone sex mommy.  He is usually wearing a pair of his daughters panties and today he was prepared when he called because he had his vibrating dildo right beside him.

He knows that I enjoy hearing him use his sex toys during our mature phone sex adventures and I remind him of what a sissy, cock sucking, faggot he is.  I laughed so hard today when he told me that he no longer gets hard when he thinks about pussy and that the only thing that excites him anymore is cock.  What a queer!

Being an experienced and intelligent mature phone sex playmate has given me the communication tools that I need in order to provide “K” with the most satisfying calls ever.  He always cums really hard when we are on the phone together and I love every second of our extreme and perverted incest play time.

I can make you cum hard too – give me a call so we can talk about your favorite fantasy or fetish!

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Taboo Phone Sex

By , September 23, 2015


I just love it when “K” calls me to share a taboo phone sex call with him.  He is right on the verge of “coming out” and gets so excited when I tell him that his wife probably already knows that he is a sissy faggot.  He dresses up in panties every chance he gets.  He visits man-on-man gay porn sites almost every day.  He never thinks about pussy anymore.  He admits to having very strong cock sucking desires and he desperately wants to be on his back, legs up in the air, with a big cock inside of him as he looks into his lover’s eyes.

Our taboo phone sex calls have gone from vanilla to extreme and everywhere in between.  There really are no limits to how nasty they can get.  Our calls are filled with erotic confessions and seductive pleasures and I’m always excited to hear about his newest thoughts and taboo phone sex triggers.

If you want to share some of your guilty pleasures, then dial my line today!

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