Mommy Phone Sex

By , July 11, 2015


What happens when a bad little boy sneaks into his neighbor’s back yard and swims in her pool without permission?  I will tell you.  He gets punished.  This naughty boy didn’t want this phone sex mommy to tell his parents what he had done.  He chose, instead, to take his punishment directly from me.

I warned him that I am a no holds barred phone sex mommy and my punishment would probably be a lot more extreme than his own mother’s, but he insisted that he did NOT want his parents to know what he had done.

I made him get out of the pool and go into my bedroom where I promptly stripped his towel off of his waist and had him lie, face down, on my bed.  I took off my stockings and used them to tie his hands and legs to the top and bottom of my bed.  I slid a pillow under his belly and then slicked up his little ass with some Vaseline before putting my strap on into a harness and around my hips.

I gave him a good hard bare hand spanking until his little ass cheeks were bright red and then I spread those cheeks and rammed my 9-inch dildo right into his hot little (and by now, twitching) boy-pussy.  He moaned with pleasure and I knew the little shit was enjoying this way too much!

That’s okay, the truth is that this phone sex mommy enjoyed doling out his punishment and I made him lick my pussy until I came all over his naughty face before I let him go home.  I reminded him that punishments were not meant to be enjoyed quite so much and that I am sure that he will “enjoy” the next one just as much or maybe even more if he is lucky!

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