Taboo Phone Sex

By , September 23, 2015


I just love it when “K” calls me to share a taboo phone sex call with him.  He is right on the verge of “coming out” and gets so excited when I tell him that his wife probably already knows that he is a sissy faggot.  He dresses up in panties every chance he gets.  He visits man-on-man gay porn sites almost every day.  He never thinks about pussy anymore.  He admits to having very strong cock sucking desires and he desperately wants to be on his back, legs up in the air, with a big cock inside of him as he looks into his lover’s eyes.

Our taboo phone sex calls have gone from vanilla to extreme and everywhere in between.  There really are no limits to how nasty they can get.  Our calls are filled with erotic confessions and seductive pleasures and I’m always excited to hear about his newest thoughts and taboo phone sex triggers.

If you want to share some of your guilty pleasures, then dial my line today!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574

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