Incest Phone Sex

By , February 4, 2016


Mommy Vera is ready to get her incest phone sex juices flowing with a totally kinky and taboo family fun encounter!

I’m a very naughty mommy who happens to love playing with younger men.  I guess that makes me a MILF doesn’t it?  But if those younger men happen to be my teen sons, then that makes me a truly perverted incest phone sex mommy.

Have you ever been caught sniffing your mother’s panties?  Did you ever walk in on her while she was getting dressed or bathing?  Do you masturbate thinking about your mother and how good she looks in her high heels?  Do you love the smell of her perfume as she walks into a room?

I would love to share an incest phone sex roleplay with you.  I am a no limits mommy who has a very creative imagination, a sensually seductive voice and a passion for telephone play.  Call me and let me make your fantasy feel like reality today!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574

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