Taboo Phone Sex

By , June 3, 2016

I know that you have probably wondered if your particular taboo phone sex fantasy is freakier than what other men talk about with me.  Lot’s of callers who have a really perverted or twisted fantasy will ask me if I am put off by their favorite topic of kinky talk and if what they fantasize about is uncommon or too weird to imagine.

I always like to remind taboo phone sex callers that this is the nature of the business.  Phone sex is meant to give you a wide open platform, free from judgment to experiment and explore those deeply repressed fantasies that you couldn’t possibly disclose to your real life partner.

Let’s face it, your wife would probably not appreciate you telling her that you have secret desire to suck a black cock.  Lucky for you, I would love to hear about your kinky desire!  In fact, I will even help you to live out the fantasy by adding in some of my own thoughts and suggestions.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Imagine me telling you to get down on your knees so that I can feed you a nice throbbing hard cock.  Or better yet, let you fluff it for me so that I can fuck it good and hard, right in front of you and then make you clean my dripping wet cream pie.

Believe me when I tell you that I would love nothing more than to share your taboo phone sex secrets with you, no matter how perverted, extreme or dirty they are!  Let’s both cum hard together through kinky talk and mutual masturbation fun!

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