Mommy Phone Sex

By , July 8, 2012

No matter what kind of phone sex mommy you’re looking for – you’ve found her right here!

Let me begin by saying that today has been an incest fantasy extravaganza with calls that have left my pussy buzzing and wet with excitement.

When “T” called me this morning and told me about his HUGE panty fetish and that he’d love for me to catch him masturbating into a pair of my favorite panties, I knew we were going to have a lot of fun.  He wanted me to be very angry and to get even more furious when he turned to see me standing in the doorway to my bedroom, yet continued stroking his cock, masturbating right in front of me without remorse.  When push came to shove and he knew he had to do SOMEthing to acknowledge my anger, he pushed me down onto the bed, pinned my wrists above my head and shoved his face right between my legs, licking my pussy like I’d never been licked before.  Somewhere in between me enduring a deep throat, forced cock sucking, I realized how turned on I was and I began to want more of that throbbing young cock.  My son made sure that his phone sex mommy got it in every hole and to be honest, I can’t wait to do it again!

During another family fun fuck-fest, I spoke with “S” who confessed to me that during his last visit home his mother secretly hid some of her panties in his suitcase.  When he opened his suitcase and saw what she’d done, he nearly creamed himself right then and there.  He told me that he’s always had some very extreme incest fantasies where he’d fuck his mother, but he never thought she had any idea that these thoughts were going through his mind.  When he saw the panties, he knew that SHE knew his secret and that it was time to act on it.  It’s hard for him to have any cock control when he thinks about fucking his mother and he ends up cumming very quickly.  I told him that we will practice orgasm control through some tease and denial training so that when the time comes, he will be ready.

If you love mommy phone sex and you want to share a really taboo fantasy with me, pick up the phone and dial the number below.  I have no limits so feel free to share anything and everything.  Your secrets will always be safe with me!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574


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