MILF Phone Sex

By , September 6, 2012

Okay this is a crazy MILF phone sex story, but try to keep up – I think you’ll love it!

I’ve been talking to a caller who has always had a very strong fetish for his mother’s panties.  He told me that he’s been sniffing them and jerking off into them for years now.  Alright, so not too long ago he visited his mother for the week and when he got home and began to unpack, he noticed that she had put several pairs of her panties into his suitcase.  He couldn’t believe that she’d done that and he wasn’t sure whether to feel humiliation and shame or be excited because she obviously knew about his secret obsession.

Fast forward.

He has been talking with his mother over the phone about all of this and she has confessed that she has always been turned on by the idea of fucking him – apparently she has been thinking of this since he was just a little boy.  She knows that incest is totally wrong, but when she discovered him playing in her panty drawer she knew he was now old enough to be able to handle the truth about her feelings for him.

This is where the MILF phone sex fantasy became even more interesting.

His mother told him that she’s been seeing a woman and they have a very strong lesbian relationship even though they are both bi-sexual.  His mother asked him to come out and meet her new girlfriend because they had a proposition for him.

They wanted him to fuck his mother, while her girfriend watched, and then they wanted him to agree to start referring to her girlfriend his new sister.  Sound crazy?  Wait, it get’s more extreme!

They wanted him to impregnate his “sister” and hopefully have a daughter that he could teach about sex at a very early age by fucking HER and her mother (his sister).  I know it sounds complicated but let me tell you, this is family fun at it’s finest!

Do you have a MILF phone sex fantasy to share with me?  I’m experienced, mature, attractive, creative and playful and I’d love to make you cum for me!  Why not give me a call and let me make it happen!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574

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