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Incest Phone Sex

By , February 4, 2016


Mommy Vera is ready to get her incest phone sex juices flowing with a totally kinky and taboo family fun encounter!

I’m a very naughty mommy who happens to love playing with younger men.  I guess that makes me a MILF doesn’t it?  But if those younger men happen to be my teen sons, then that makes me a truly perverted incest phone sex mommy.

Have you ever been caught sniffing your mother’s panties?  Did you ever walk in on her while she was getting dressed or bathing?  Do you masturbate thinking about your mother and how good she looks in her high heels?  Do you love the smell of her perfume as she walks into a room?

I would love to share an incest phone sex roleplay with you.  I am a no limits mommy who has a very creative imagination, a sensually seductive voice and a passion for telephone play.  Call me and let me make your fantasy feel like reality today!

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Mommy Phone Sex

By , June 18, 2014


How would you like to treat your phone sex mommy to a nice hard incest fuck?  I love getting into a family fun fantasy where there are no limits and no taboos.   We can share erotic stories and sensual encounters together, taking mutual masturbation to a whole new level.

This has been an awesome week of play.  I’ve had one submissive son on his knees sucking his daddy’s cock and I’ve made another caller lie on his back and suck on mommy’s milk filled tits while I rode his hard teen cock, forcing him to cum inside of me while I bounced up and down.  One of my sexy son’s has a huge penis that I stuff inside my daughter’s pussy while I lick his cum filled balls and his puckered up asshole.  He always shoots a hot load for me.

A mature phone sex mommy like me can bring your favorite fantasy or fetish to life using my creative imagination and intelligent mind.  I will give you a personal, one-on-one sexual sensation that will bring you to the most amazing orgasm you’ve ever had.

I love extreme tease and denial, orgasm control, fetish play of all kinds, cuckold fantasies and so much more.  Anything goes when you dial this kinky phone sex mommy!

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Mature Phone Sex

By , March 3, 2014


When “B” called my mature phone sex line this morning he said that he wanted to climb into bed with mommy.  I love satisfying his incest cravings so I held the sheet up and invited him in to join me.  He was laying on his side so I pressed my body up against his and began stroking his nipples, down his belly and finally wrapping my fingers around his cock and stroking him gently.  I turned him over onto his back and slid up on top of him, straddling his young hard cock and masturbating my clit against it.

“B” enjoys the company of a mature phone sex playmate because, he says, they are experienced and uninhibited.  He knows that I have no limits so whatever his fantasies might include, I’m happy to oblige and indulge him in every way.

Today, during our mature phone sex call I took his family fun pleasure to a whole new level by inviting his younger brother in on our game.  I made “B” suck his brother’s cock while I fucked “B’s” tight little ass with my black cock strap on dildo.  We had a smoking hot time engaging in cum eating and cock sucking fetish play.

Call me and let me make your wildest, most taboo fantasies all come true!

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Incest Phone Sex

By , January 31, 2014


Offering my young son and daughter up to my boyfriend when he’s feeling really daring makes for a smoking hot incest phone sex call every time.

I love having that tiny dick and tight bald pussy at his beck and call, ready to satisfy all of his kinky ageplay cravings.

I’ve always enjoyed having my little ones share my bed so that when I’m feeling super naughty and very horny I can just reach over and fondle, lick, suck and ride my sweeties.  Being their loving mommy, they trust me completely, and that is why our incest  phone sex fun is always so pleasurable, for everyone involved.

Many men call me with incest phone sex fantasies.  Most of them involve mommy/son or daddy/daughter scenarios but I’ve been an demanding Aunt, a sexy sister and many other roles.  I love them all.

There is nothing too taboo or perverted for me – I’m an anything goes lady.  I’m mature, creative, confident and intuitive so chances are, when you tell me what you like, I can take the ball and run with it and your fantasy call will be one of the best you’ve ever had.  Why not step outside of your comfort zone and call a kinky playmate  for some family fun tonight.

Vera – 1-866-587-7574

Incest Phone Sex

By , June 25, 2013


You know you have had family fun fantasies running through your mind for years.  Why not share them with an incest phone sex lover who understands your needs, one who is mature and experienced and can roleplay with you.

I’d love to be your mommy in a fantasy where ageplay isn’t ever an issue.  You can be a young boy who enjoys the feel of my hand washing you all over, in a warm bath.  You can be my curious teen son who can’t seem to control his masturbation habits and needs a stern mommy to teach him about cock control, or you can be my grown up son who has always lusted after my curvy body and now that you’re old enough to understand your desires, we can enjoy spending intimate and erotic incest phone sex time together.  It can be our little secret.

You can let your inhibitions go and experience an incest phone sex encounter that has no limits whatsoever when you dial my number, below.  Are you ready to take a wild ride with me?

Vera – 1-866-587-7574