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Mature Phone Sex

By , October 7, 2015


Whenever “K” calls me, I know that he’s in need of a verbal humiliation from his mature phone sex mommy.  He is usually wearing a pair of his daughters panties and today he was prepared when he called because he had his vibrating dildo right beside him.

He knows that I enjoy hearing him use his sex toys during our mature phone sex adventures and I remind him of what a sissy, cock sucking, faggot he is.  I laughed so hard today when he told me that he no longer gets hard when he thinks about pussy and that the only thing that excites him anymore is cock.  What a queer!

Being an experienced and intelligent mature phone sex playmate has given me the communication tools that I need in order to provide “K” with the most satisfying calls ever.  He always cums really hard when we are on the phone together and I love every second of our extreme and perverted incest play time.

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Mommy Phone Sex

By , November 14, 2012

It was my son’s birthday and being a good phone sex mommy, I decided to surprise him with the ultimate gift.  You see, I’ve always known that my son was bi-curious.  I’ve been monitoring his computer and lately he’s been obsessed with gay porn.  Not the kind of porn that is hardcore or extreme.  No, my son likes very erotic and sensual gay porn.  The kind that is filled with boy-on-boy kissing and lots of oral and anal teasing.

Well today, his phone sex mommy had arranged to have a very handsome older guy join us for a three-some that was incredibly sexy and opened up his world to reveal a sensuality that he never even imagined existed.

Our sexy playmate was already in my bedroom, ready to play, when my son came home.  I shouted out for him to come back here and see what I had waiting for him.  He was shocked when he saw that stud muffin on my bed, raging hard and I could tell he wanted to feel those powerful muscles surrounding him.  I slowly undressed my sweet and not-quite-innocent son and watched him climb up on that hot body and those two boys began kissing in the most passionate way.  My pussy creams just thinking about how hot they looked and sounded as they pressed their bodies together, moaning and stroking, for hours.  I couldn’t help but grab some of my favorite sex toys out my nightstand drawer and masturbate my pussy while I enjoyed the show.  Seeing them give simultaneous blowjobs to each other was very intense and watching their mutual masturbation was even hotter.

It’s times like these that make me appreciate being a phone sex mommy.  Wouldn’t you love to share your fantasy with a mature and experienced woman?  I’m right here baby, whenever you’re ready!

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Taboo Phone Sex

By , August 13, 2012

I had a taboo phone sex call this morning that was exceptionally intriguing.  The caller told me that his wife had walked in on him while he was watching some gay porn on the internet.  He managed to minimize his computer screen really quickly but she was suspicious and she asked him what he was doing online.  He lied and said he’d been checking his email.  She made him open up his browser and she was shocked to see that he’d been watching two young guys kissing and fondling each other.

She questioned her husband, asking him if this is the kind of thing that turned him on.  Of course he lied and said “no way”.  She started rubbing her pussy outside of her panties and asked him if he’d like to come to bed and fuck her right now.  He hesitated a bit too long and she knew, instinctively that he was a sissy in disguise.  She told him that no straight man would ever turn down pussy so he must be a cock sucking faggot.  She started laughing at him and then she said that if he loves cock so much she would bet that he has some kinky sex toys hidden somewhere in the house.  She forced him to go get them and when he came back, she made him stuff the butt plug up his ass while he watched the gay porn.  He was as hard as a rock and she was loving the humiliation she was putting him through.

As our taboo phone sex call continued, I decided to get in on the fun.  I asked him if he was using one of his favorite butt plugs right now.  He admitted to having the smaller one inside of him.  I told him to get the big one and push that one up his man-pussy.  He asked what he should do with the smaller one and I told him to suck it clean.  He said he couldn’t do that because it was dirty and it tasted like his asshole.  I laughed and said “if it tasted like pussy, you wouldn’t like it, would you?”  He admitted that he wouldn’t and that made me laugh even harder!

I loved the extreme nature of this taboo phone sex encounter and I’d love to indulge your perversions too.  Give me a call and let’s get off together!

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Mommy Phone Sex

By , May 9, 2012

Sharing incest and family fun fantasies with a mature and intelligent phone sex mommy can be very exhilarating.  Today, I had a caller ask me to arrange a two girl call with another sexy lady.  She played his aunt and I was his phone sex mommy and he was a young boy who was still a virgin.

His aunt was visiting for the weekend and after a long day at the park we decided to take hot showers to clean up.  I knew that hot water would be limited so I took my son into the shower with me, where I began lathering up his cute little body.  Just as I started stroking his cock with my slippery soapy hand, his aunt decided to join us.

Our shower became a cock sucking sauna as his aunt went down to her knees and began licking that sweet joy stick of his.  I moved around behind him and began licking and fingering his little boy hole as he moaned and wiggled his hips back and forth between us.

I grabbed one of my favorite sex toys, my waterproof strap on dildo, and made my way behind his aunt and began fucking her doggie style, giving it to her so hard that she went further down on his cock, gagging her until he blew his load deep down inside her throat.  It was very kinky, and very taboo!

If you like mommy phone sex, and you like it extreme, call me for some one-on-one playtime or ask me to pick a friend to join us.  Either way, you’ll love every minute!

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